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Improve Height Safety - Consultancy

Improve Height Safety provide professional expert advice in the particular area of workplace fall prevention. Our OH&S qualified and trained consultants report to your specific needs in the form of a height safety audit and risk assessment developed and written in a standard Australian OH&S format in accordance with current regulations to ensure the highest level of compliance and safety. Keep your people safe and meet or exceed obligations of employers and controllers of the workplace under the ACT. A fall from height and the legal repercussions are easily avoided and affordable through our cost effective complete risk management system.

Prevention of falls regulations.

Step 1-
Consult with stakeholders (Controllers of the workplace, employees and contractors).Develop SOP,s.
Step 2-
Identify fall hazards and manage all areas of compliance associated with your people working at heights.
Step 3-
Control risks by employing the specific prevention of falls Hierarchy of Controls.
Step 4-
Document in the form of audits and or risk assessments as evidence of compliance with regulations. Compliance with regulations is seen as compliance with the Act!
Step 5-
Review control measures in the future and if necessary revise.
Step 6-
Establish emergency procedures.

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