Improve Height Safety Improve Height Safety Improve Height Safety
Improve Height Safety

Avoid the risk of a non compliant Installation by using SAYFA products and accredited installation service.

Improve Height Safety are SAYFA accredited suppliers and installers and have undergone specific training in accordance with Austrailian standards.

To avoid a non compliant installation our SAYFA accredited height safety technician can ensure that your installation is completed to the highest quality and specifications, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your system is safe, complaint, and in accordance with all Australian Standards and codes of practice.

As a specialist in fall prevention and workplace access and with the SAYFA product range you can rest assure that all of our installations are completed to the highest standards and inspected on completion to ensure they comply with the codes of practice and regulations.

Improve Height Safety Works with many organizations including- Schools. Councils, Hospitals, Retail stores, Manufacturing Industry, and Property trusts. 

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